How to Find a Good Speaker — Our Buyer’s Guide

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How to Find a Good Speaker — Our Buyer’s Guide

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If you’ve ever invested in premium audio equipment before, you’ll know how much difference a good speaker can make. The sound quality, performance, and durability of the best speakers can truly be game-changing. 

If you’re wondering how to spot a good speaker when shopping, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will run through our top tips for finding car, home, and marine audio solutions that work for you. 

Consider Your Available Space 

The room or vehicle you’ll be using your speakers in will determine the final sound quality you enjoy. Consider the amount of space you’ll have available and look at speakers built to work well in that environment.

Having a smaller room doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Companies like Pioneer offer exceptionally good sonic performance in surprisingly small footprints.

Pick a Budget 

Setting a price limit for yourself can make it much easier to look at options that suit your needs. The clearer you are about how much you’re willing to spend, the easier it will be to make the right decision. 

Impedance — High VS Low 

In short, the impedance of a speaker refers to the “load” it places on the amplifier when drawing a current. If the impedance is too high, the amplifier can overheat and cause damage. If it’s too low, there won’t be enough force behind your audio. 

Check impedance reviews for any speaker you consider. It’s not about getting high or low impedance — it’s about finding a setup that’s optimal for your requirements.

Choose Pioneer Speakers 

It’s important to buy from manufacturers with a consistent track record for making high-quality products. Our wide range of Pioneer speakers is built to deliver unrivalled levels of sonic performance. 


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